Sake Thief /酒盗(しゅとう) Salted bonito stomach

Sake Thief

When Toyosuke Yamauchi,
the 12th Lord of Tosa first tasted "Shuto",he said, "Oh it's wonderful, it goes so perfectly with sake,I can't stop drinking.The sake warehouse will soon be empty.
I shall name it Sake Thief and you should call it so from now on. "
" Sake Thief / Shuto /酒盗!"

(Salted bonito stomach)
Amakuchi (酒盗・甘口)

Some call the Tosa region, with its great variety of food and drinks, the "Bonito country". Shuto is one of its most finest and well-known food and it is considered by many as a masterpiece. Its rich and strong seafood taste and smell are enhanced when relished with regional sake, sweet sake, honey, or onions.

Shuto Amakuchi

(Salted bonito stomach)
Karakuchi (酒盗・辛口)

Salted fish guts and Shuto still remain a favorite in the region. It is prepared with the finest of seasoning, that enhances its amazing fresh seafood taste. Any seafood connoisseur will be delighted. Japanese sake is a remarkable compliment to this traditional delicacy.

Shuto Karakuchi

(Salted bonito stomach)
Ajitsuki (飯盗・味付)

Carefully selected bonito stomach is used as the main ingredient to provide and enhance the popular taste of fresh seafood acidity. Soaked in Japanese tea, and carefully placed over warm rice, is one of the many ways to truly enjoy this long lasting tradition.

Hanto Ajitsuki